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Quinoa Dal Khichadi

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I am moving to Sunny California , so been busy with lot of random stuff to take care of and never ending packing . I sometimes , think why have I accumulated so many things that I didn’t know it existed. Long story short , I am throwing a lot of stuff that I accumulated over the period of 6 years.

Coming to my cooking side of things , I have been trying to use up all my instant mixes I had and my sister had left it here . I was running low on rice and wasn’t in the mood for grocery shopping for another few weeks. So decided to whip-up something with ingredients in my pantry. There I found a unopened pack of Quinoa that I bought from Costco a while back.

Recipe Source :
Quinoa Dal Khichadi (Replaced basmati rice with quinoa , mung dal with toor dal , added one small onion , two serrano chilies & tempered it with dried red chilies and mustard)


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